Pikes Double IPA ***

(8%) Stark tasting double IPA from Seattle based craft brewers Pike.  Bought on recommendation of the Jersey by the B.  Strong lasting after taste of sweetness and alcohol, medium nose of spice.  Slight head on pour down to a white dusting.  Light amber color: extra sweet throughout.

Check out their site for some cool information here. If in town, this is a must see I would say after meandering through the market area of town.

Purchased on a sojourn out to the West Coast of the US for a splendid wedding of a best mate.  Seattle, and much of the NW of the US is craft beer mecca.  After the relaxation in the brewery laws, an industry of craft brewery blossomed.  My only regret is that Seattle is so damn far from London, and we are starved over here for some of the brilliant varieties on shelves there.  On one trip to a small market, there was a virtual cornucopia of varieties – both domestic and imported.  My corner off licence has a variety between Strong Bow and Stronger Strong Bow to compliment the imported lagers of ill repute.  Small business idea anyone from Seattle? Bring your beer here! I’ll help!


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