Ye Olde Mitre *****

An extraordinary pub dating way back to 1546 (rebuilt in 1772) originally made to quench the thirsts of the servants the palace for the Bishop of Ely.  Preserved in the corner of the pub is a cherry tree stump that Elizabeth I supposedly danced the maypole around.  The landlord and seasoned staff are on hand to serve up proper cask ales and a little bit of smart mouthing.  In my fool hearted attempt to retain a chair for a delayed friend by moving it into the table, I was corrected by the landlord that ‘this is not a Weatherspoon’s you know, you don’t have to do that’.  Thanks. And cheers to you grumpy landlord because you have one hell of a pub.  The ales are brilliant (Black Cat, Harviston’s Bitter and Twisted, Adnam’s and Deuchar’s IPA that I have sampled so far) , and with such a rotating cast of stellar beers, the sense of accomplishment in merely finding the place, and the living history of it all makes this a must see for any Londoner or visitor.

To find it, head north up Hatton Garden from High Holborn putting the Duke of Wellington equestrian statue behind you.  Walk on the east side of Hatton Garden looking for a broken light post with a blue bishop’s mitre (within 50 feet or 15 metres of corner), and turn right down an alley way you could not walk 2 abreast down.  Warning, suits prevail but don’t be scared as they don’t bite (just their mistresses).

Check out the map!  Open only business days (so so so very sadly).

1 Ely Court, London EC1N 6SJ


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