Meantime IPA ****

7.5% Classic IPA, built as it should be: strong, hoppy with a golden glow. Foamy head on pour dissipating quickly. Nose and taste of hops, but not overpowering.  Well managed with high alcohol content.

Enjoyed from a 750ml bottle purchased at Waitross for £4.49 – a bit steep but worth a try.  My first try was down in SE4, at Mr. Lawrence Wine Shop. If ever in Brockley, or not, and you would like a good beer for a decent price (above IPA for a fiver! as compared to £9 at Fox & Anchor), and probably some of the friendliest service, go here.  Attached to the bistro is his wine shop, where they carry hundreds of bottled beers. Worth the train ride out, or bus ride down.  Rumors abound about an SE4 tour, as a Wynchwood pub is on the bus ride back, but have yet to be fleshed out.


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