Samuel Smith’s Wheat Beer ****

(5% English make on draft) Proper pour under pressure creating genuine white frothy head. Well served in the yes, proper wheat beer glass – bulbous shape allowing room for body and head. Sounds like a good date (slayed it). Straw, hazy yellow color with smooth sweet taste of light citrus.

This was enjoyed in the darkest reaches (3rd floor cellar basement) of the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. The basement (as mentioned 3 levels with the last one having the bar) is from a 13th century Carmelite monastic order, and has pointed arch niches with wooden tables. Having successfully made its way into tourists book, it is often tough to hear yourself think over their yells, but they have it right by stopping into this amazing pub on Fleet Street. The top floors of the building having been rebuilt after the great fire of 1666, the approach is found down a small alley where the signage outfront has a running list of monarchs through which the pub has proudly been serving customers. See the link for this and more information on this pub.


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