St. Peter’s Brewery – Honey Porter *

(4.5% English make from bottle) Dark with tan head, this oh too sweet porter misses the mark garnishing the first single star I have yet bestowed on a brew.  It has an overly strong honey and vanilla flavor that just goes too far.

This was un-enjoyed sitting in front of the Tower of London looking out onto Tower Bridge from mason jars sitting with Marianne.  While I do have a lot of respect for the St. Peter’s brewery, this is not one to be trifled with.

The St. Peter’s Brewery does have 1 pub amongst its assets, and it is the wonderful gem of Britton Street in EC1 (thankfully right around the corner from my place) called the Jerusalem Tavern.  Well worth a trip for a great example of an eighteenth century pub (building dates to 1720) – creeky floor boards, niche rooms, and some beautiful tile works depicting the four seasons in the front saloon.

Check out their site here to see their line up of the other amazing beers they do offer and more interesting about the pub.


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