Fuller’s 1845 *****

(6.5% English make enjoyed from bottle) A premium beer in Fuller’s line up, delicious strong ale bottle conditioned to bring to a proper strength. Amber in color with frothy head on pour, down to dusting and rim on glass. A wonderful, baked sweet flavor with lingering strong hoppy ale taste.

This is one of my favorite beers, and comes as a strong recommendation. So much so I brought it home for my brother to enjoy. Usually available in bottle form at Fuller’s Pubs, for example the Viaduct Tavern or Artillery Arms but I get it at the shop for home.  If in a Fuller’s pub, its a safe bet to go with the ESB on pull (extra special bitter) as that is a beautiful beer, and my first choice in a Fuller’s pub. I enjoy this from the bottle, and coughing up the extra 40 pence as it usually comes in above 2 pounds, but worth every pence.


4 responses to “Fuller’s 1845 *****

    • According to Fuller’s, this wonderful bottle conditioned beer was made for the 150th anniversary of the Fuller, Smith and Turner partnership in 1995 (hence the 1845) and quickly became the best selling bottled conditioned beer in the UK. To add to the celebration, Prince Charles himself ceremonially tossed the hops into copper just because you can do that when you are a Prince. The Queen was evidently busy trying to keep the Duke of Edinburgh from embarrassing himself with another ill fated quote. It is also bottle conditioned for 100 days before being released for sale just to make sure it is as good as all the awards say it is. And it is.

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