Halve Maan’s Brugse Zot Bruin ****

Delicious beer plus canas...must be Bruges.

Delicious beer plus canals...must be Bruges.

(7.5% Belgian Dubbel on draft) This wonderful dubbel has a dark nutty brown color with a white/beige head and a pleasingly even malt/mild fruit taste with notes of caramel.

This was enjoyed along the canals of Bruges in the picturesque setting for which this town is renown. The brewery, the Brewery De Halve Maan, is the only one still operating within the city limits of Bruges.

The term Bruges Zot was a phrase coined by Emperor Maximillian when Belgium was under Austrian rule to mean the ‘Fool of Bruges’.  What an imperial sweetheart, but aren’t they all?  If by fool of Bruges, he means people who enjoy a beautiful city and serve some of the most amazing beer along with some damn good mussels (mine were cooked in Hoegaarden), call me a fool too then.  I guess ole’ Maximillian can’t because both he and his empire are dead, but hell, the beer in Bruges is still flowing so guess who won?


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