Dogfish Head’s Squall IPA *****

Dogfish Head's Squall IPA

Dogfish Head's 90 minute 'unfiltered, unfettered, and unprecedented' Squall IPA leaves you looking to listen to more Decemberist's and read Dickens.

(9%  American Imperial IPA from champagne bottle) This well balanced 90 minute imperial IPA (“unfiltered, unfettered, and unprecedented”) is not only pretty to look at (sucker for the label, pretty sure a friend has something near it tattooed) but a wonderful beer to be savored.  It has a sweet and spiced hit on the nose, with a pale amber body and thick foamy white head on pour.  On the tongue, its got a subtle bubble and creaminess for a tingling dry taste with a slight bitter hit at the end. All in all, a remarkable IPA which does not sacrifice taste for having such a kick. Simply put, it is a smooth, well balanced IPA which is worth every penny (it was pennies not pence as I picked this one up on my last trip to the states, and damn well wish I could get it over here).

I recommend drinking this while listening to the Mariner’s Revenge by the Decemberist’s in order to get you into the proper sea faring mindset.  And hell, you should listen to them any way.


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