Pelforth Brune **

Pelforth Brune - because I was curious what French beer could be like.

Pelforth Brune - like cola with 6.5% ABV. Sounds better than it tasted sorry to say.

(6.5% French make from 650ml bottle) This brown ale, with beige head over a chestnut-brown, nearly cola color body, carried a saccharine sweet taste that was just a little too much for me.  Hits of caramel and a slight creaminess, the overbearing sweetened malt taste gave me more malt soda than beer.  While it was palatable, to have consumed more than one of these would have been a bit of an overdose.

This overly sweetened French beer was had in the Côte d’Azur region while on a hiking trip, and in hindsight, perhaps sticking to the rosé wine  would have been a better idea on this night.  But, c’est la vie! The hiking was at least gorgeous!

Fun little fact, this beer brand is owned by Heineken, and as a subsidiary of their own label, the Pelforth Brewery also make George Killian’s Irish Red.  Oh the sordid world of the beer industry!

If of interest, check out Heineken’s site and their list of brands they own (by country) from Chile to the DRC. Think Murphy’s Irish Stout is owned by the some distant relative on the emerald isle? Nah, just one of the many gobbled up by the Heineken franchise.

Still, at least they aren’t AB In-Bev, which is hands down the leviathan of the beer world (Hobbes might take issue with this citing it as necessary against a state of nature and capricious beer buying, but I would dare to disagree!).  Say the next time you enjoy your standard omnipresent lager, oh maybe a Stella Artois, Becks or perhaps even a Budweiser (the US has so many better beers to offer, please don’t!), and not to mention Hoegaarden, Leffe, and a million other brands, this industry monster rules the market with an iron fist.  Ever wonder why Leffe and Hoegaarden go on sale all the time, and at the same time? Or why they are the only Belgian beers carried in every supermarket and off licence in London?! Economies of scale! The leviathan prevents better, independent beer from competing, hence the rest of us being forced to consume mass marketed, misrepresented masquerading beers! Hobbes was wrong! Support local breweries! (Did I actually pull this off, I’m not sure).


One response to “Pelforth Brune **

  1. they even own Alexander Keiths, the cheap choice for all students north of the Great Lakes. I have to say though, they have gone for quantity over quality, CastlemaineXXXX and Boddingtons?
    If the state of nature is a state of microbreweries, then it is definitely not necessarily a state of war. Stupid sober puritan.

    can that work as an insult? for this blog it feels like the most offensive thing one could say.

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