Samuel Smith’s Famous Taddy Porter ****

Samuel Smith's Famous Taddy Porter - If I ever meet Taddy, I'll shake his hand. Until then, I will just enjoy this delicious beer.

(5% English make from 550 ml bottle) Wonderful full-bodied porter from one of the last remaining independent breweries in England – Samuel Smith.  This gem was enjoyed from the bottle at The Rising Sun Pub in the Smithfield Market area within the City of London.

It is poured with a deep mahogany body with a smell of sweet roasted barley/malts.  It has a delicious taste of vanilla and sweet roasted malt with a feel of creamy root beer on the tongue.  Overall, this is a flavorful, well balanced porter that I would recommend above the Samuel Smith Extra Stout, which is enjoyable in its own right, but the complexity of the taste pushes the Taddy to the top.

So, the next time you are lucky enough to find a Samuel Smith pub in London, as they are cheap and usually brilliantly well-preserved Victorian pubs, go for the Taddy and relax enjoying a fine porter.

The term ‘porter’ is tied to the first consumers of this great London beer – the porters of this prosperous city in the 18th c were known to consume this dark beer in great quantities.  It was ripe for production, as it was the first beer to be ready for sale upon arrival at the pub (aged at the brewery), and also good for bigger batches so they could produce it in great quantities.

Also, the porter is intrinsically tied to stout.  The name stout is a shortened version of ‘stout porter’ as stronger porters came to be called  extra, strong, double, or stout porter. Eventually, in the mid 19th c the porter was dropped from the beginning, and stout porter took to being just stout.  Porter saw much of production hampered here in the UK, when during WWI the grain shortages saw strong beers’ production decrease dramatically.  However, in Ireland, there was more relaxed grain restrictions and they were able to lay claim over the porter and stout market (i.e. Guinness). During WWII production mostly ceased, until a resurgence of the brew came about and has been going strong now for about 30 years.


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