The Rising Sun ****

The Rising Sun, a nice cozy Sam Smith pub in a brilliant little alley by St. Bart's is well worth a visit, and stay to check out the rest of the neighborhood.

The Rising Sun is a charming Victorian Pub with some original fittings tucked away in a small alley called Cloth Fair. It will be found right off the Smithfield Market in what is a bustling area of the City filled with pubs and eateries.  It is a corner building with the one side facing the wonderful St. Bartholomew-the Great’s Church.  This church is one of the best examples of Norman architecture in the City, and its entrance is through an archway under one of the last few remaining examples of Tudor buildings in the city.

Of note, St. Bart’s has just opened their Cloisters for lunch and on Wednesday stay open until 21:00. They have wine along with 2 Belgian breweries to choose from: Affligem and Achel. Well worth a visit to grab a good beer, and take a look at a brilliant piece of history.

The pub itself has been refurnished and fitted to a comfortable Victorian style with a back area offering darts, while the front parlor has a back row of booths with tables and chairs about the place.  The beer is well-kept, and the spirit inside is always calm but lively.  One chap sat by himself enjoying a pint buried in a book, while a group of business types chatted about and younger student looking people were playing darts.  In the area of Smithfield, this is one of the few pubs that remains open on weekends, a definite plus if walking through the city and seeking a good cheap pint and some food.

I would recommend enjoying any of the full range of Samuel Smith’s beers: try the Wheat beer for a refreshing one, or maybe the Famous Taddy Porter if you are looking for something a little bit heartier.

In the area, besides St. Bart’s, there is also the William Wallace memorial stone (Smithfield Market is where he was dragged to from the Tower of London to be hung, drawn and quartered).  Also there is the Golden Boy of Pie Corner where legend has the Great Fire ceased. One thing that can’t be missed is the grand Victorian meat market.  The Smithfield market has been in use for roughly eight centuries, and is where Wat Tylor and the rest of the Peasant Revolt were put down after Ole Wat was stabbed to death by the Lord Mayor of London and one of King Richard II’s knights in 1381.  Close by also is the Old Bailey which is built on the former site of Newgate Prison.

Check it out on the map! Open 7 days a week for good bitters and a square meal.

38 Cloth Fair EC1A 7JQ


3 responses to “The Rising Sun ****

    • 1000 Belgian beers is quite an impressive undertaking, and I am all for linking ours up. Presumably you have been to one or both of the Dove Pubs? There is one right off Clerkenwell Rd, and the other is on Broadway Market. Different atmospheres, but still the best for Belgian beers that I have found in this general neighborhood. There is also the Lowlander on Drury Lane which has a fairly expansive list, albiet all of these pubs are not on the cheap.

      I will be adding a links page I believe, and add yours there as this is a feat worth sharing.

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