Samuel Smith’s Strong Golden Barley Wine ****

Another of Samuel Smith's delicious beers: Strong Golden is true to form - both strong and golden in colour this barley wine delivers well, albeit in a tiny nearly impossible to acquire bottle.

(10.2% English make from 180 ml bottle) This little marvel was found at the Utobeer Shop (who also operate a pub called The Rake which I must soon visit!) at one of my favorite London markets:  Borough Market. This city undoubtedly has a great beer heritage, and was part of the impetus for me to writing this blog. However, it is painfully devoid of bottle shops and a selection greater than that of an off license or a chain supermarket.  But such is life, and the reason why I check out every corner shop and market I enter for their beer selection. This is also why I try to collect what I can, when I can. But back to the important stuff, the beer!

This beer is a strong little diddy, coming in at 10.2% as a barley wine from the Tadcaster brewery of Samuel Smith’s, a bit of a favorite of mine in recent posts.  The nose on this was of sweetened toffee/caramel and floral hop notes.  The body was a clear copper/golden color with a fast disappearing white head. The taste was full of caramel and sweet malt, but not overly so, with a drying after taste, and a pleasant consistent bubble. For being as strong as it is, this is an enjoyable beer albeit a very difficult one to find! So, go down to Borough Market, grab one of these along with a Cumberland Sausage sandwich for good measure! Happy hunting!


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