The Bree Louise *****

The Bree Louise has 11 ales on gravity (kegs in jackets) and 5 on pull and more ciders than I would want to try in one night. Oh, also student and CAMRA discounts. The verdict - go if you want unique ales! Stay home if lame.

The Bree Louise is an ale lover’s dream come true: it has 11 real ales on gravity (meaning that they are held in the keg at the counter with a cooling jacket around them (if necessary), and the keg tapped right there ready for pour) and 5 on hand pump along with 8 or so ciders and perrys.  It has the best variety of ales I have yet to come across so far in the city, as for this in and of itself the place earns itself 5 *s for its constant rotation of quality ales.

The ambience is relaxed, and is strictly speaking a pub. It is known to have a diverse  crowd with its share of suits waiting for a train at Euston Station rubbing elbows with some real ale fans – the kind of guys you see at the festivals who know their ale.  When I went, it was later on a Friday evening, and while a few of the kegs had been sold out already, there was still enough variety to keep me busy for a few rounds. And, shock of all shocks, a discount! They offer a 50p discount for any card-carrying CAMRA members and students (be sure to have the ID handy).

Overall, this pub is well worth seeking out if you are interested in a few unique, tasty ales with a nice discount available.  Check out the link below for a map I am working on which will give the viewer not only the location but I hope a quick snapshot of the pub from my main article. This is a just a beginning, but I hope it will build into something perhaps useful!

Cobourg St, London, NW1 2HH


3 responses to “The Bree Louise *****

  1. Love the Google Maps integration. This will be a great resource for me to continue drinking vicariously through you, now with a sense of direction.

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