Slaghmuylder Brouwerij – Witkap Pater Tripel ****

Follow the instructions, and pour wisely! That monk on the front means business.

(7.5% Belgian make from a 330ml bottle) This Belgian triple from the family run Slaghmuylde Brouwerij (Brewery) (try saying that 3 times – hell try saying it once) was one of many stow aways from my last trip to Bruges.  The body had a consistent bubble with a pale golden-yellow colour capped off with a fluffy white head.  The smell was that of muted spice and citrus, not over-powering, but well presented.  The taste was to follow true to form for a Belgian Triple – a spiced, citrus flavor, along with some slight dry fruity notes. It is a classic triple with a well-balanced taste which hides well the 7.5%, and if available would not disappoint for those who like their triples. This 7.5% is of course due to the triple fermentation process as well as tripling the malts, though the relatively low alcohol for a beer of its kind is a good entrance strength for a Belgian triple.  Being on the lighter side of strength as triples can reach upwards of 10-11%, or even more, this would be a good one for those not looking to end up in a canal.

Now, the pour: if done correctly, the sediment will stay undisturbed at the bottom of the bottle, with a clear yellow Belgian triple colour coming out.  If not, you will be drinking a murky, cloudy beer. The choice is yours –  when pouring correctly just pour it slowly and in one full go. I did not, as I only read that afterwards, but it was still delicious and worth bringing back (along a few other treasures).

Cloudy with a chance of deliciousness.


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