Flying Fish Exit 1 Bayshore Oyster Stout ****

Oysters? Stout? Jersey? Yes!

Oysters? Stout? Jersey? Yes!

(7.5% American make from 1 pint 9.4oz bottle or 750 ml for those of you who understand metric units, crazy stuff I know – what the hell is 1 pint 9.4 oz as a unit of measurement anyway? Freedom? Anyway, enough snobbery, to the beer…!) Flying Fish Brewery, you are simply an amazing organization.  This series, aptly titled the Exit Series, is named after different exits on the New Jersey Turnpike.  As the cliché goes, when you meet someone from New Jersey, or one Jersey guy to another for example, the first thing asked is ‘What exit’? While this may make us plain people from Pennsylvania laugh, the great people over at Flying Fish decided to show some pride in their state, and rightly so. Yup, I said it – Jersey rise up.  This is a stellar beer brought to fruition from a stellar idea – take pride in where you are from and celebrate its history.

And just to be on the safe side, I drank it with one of my best friends, coincidentally nicknamed Jersey.  As he was only one of several thousand people to go to PSU from New Jersey, and so my roommate thought this rare enough of a feat to nickname his as such. Couple that with his seeming inability to remember names, Paul became ‘Jersey’, and a life long friend. He is also much more well-versed and researched in the world of beer, and this was a purchase of his on his visit to me while home.

Now for more background on the beer ands its namesake. Exit 1 is the last exit from New Jersey into the next state, that small wonder and state of my brother’s alma mater – Delaware (who have amongst others another terrific micro brewery by way of Dogfish Head, see my review for their terrific Squall IPA).  If you take a look at the Exit 1 site it has some random facts and a little video about the beer and Bayshore oysters.  One little fact that helps bring this story back on point, the area around Exit 1 has been a supplier of oysters since colonial times.  And some of those same oysters made it into the boil in order to provide the beer with slight dryness to compliment the sweetness from the chocolate and roasted malts.  Pretty simple process whereby they place some Delaware Bay oysters into a mesh sack, and let them be heated up in the boil. Producing…oyster stout!

Now, finally, to the taste. This gorgeous looking stout had a mocha head over a thick black body which shows well the English chocolate and roasted malts.  The taste followed the smell, that of a creamy, heavy stout with subtle chocolate and roasted malts flavours with a slight sweetness and drying affect throughout. All told, a solid investment, and a job well done by Flying Fish.

I would have to recommend something else to be enjoyed alongside this delicious stout, the tunes of bunch guys from New Jersey called the Gaslight Anthem. Play it loud, and cheers to good times with friends and family to enjoy it all with.


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