Yard Brewery’s George Washington Tavern Porter *****

I cannot tell a lie, this was a damn good beer.

(7% American make from 12 oz bottle) In a brilliant manoeuvre, the Yard’s Brewery Co. of Philadelphia partnered with the City Tavern to create Ales of the Revolution. The tavern placed host to many prominent players in the revolution, those thought to be traitors to crown, and albeit only lives on in a modern recreation its nice to known that the stories and recipes remain. These ales, which are based off recipes attributed to the Founding Fathers, seem like a match made in heaven for me. History? Beer? Could it get better?

Look at these handsome guys... Declaration of independence? Constitution? Beer recipes? All great works!

And after tasting the George Washington Porter I would have to say I was not disappointed. This beer was enjoyed as a selection from another variety pack which I pick up on my sojourn back home, i.e. outside of Philadelphia.

This porter’s recipe is associated closely with the general of the revolutionary forces and America’s first president, none other than George Washington.  This brew was made to keep some thirsty field officers satisfied, to which I am sure they could not complain.  On the pour, it was a deep, dark and rich black with an off-white/mocha head.  On the nose there was a delightful smell of sweet malts. The taste, which I am sure was the best part of any field officer’s day, was rich and warming with the notes of alcohol and sweet malts giving way to drying taste on the back-end, and slightly creamy throughout.

While home on a stroll through the city, I came across the namesake’s old stomping grounds.

Independence Hall - surely some porters were had here to deal with the idea of fighting the imperialist war machine that was Great Britain! Freedom! Beer! Now where did I put my quill pen?

Independence Hall - surely some porters had to have been enjoyed here. 'Declaration of a porter recipe? Let's stick with Independence for now...'

One can only imagine that tossing a few porters and ales back must have made the idea of standing up to the imperialist power of the Red Coats slightly less terrifying for the founding fathers.  The morning after a long night out of planning and plotting a revolution must have been undoubtedly rough though.

Washington Square, Philadelphia.  Simply well put.

Washington Square, Philadelphia. Simply well put.

Regardless, the porters and the revolution were a success. At Washington’s funeral it was said of him that he was, “first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen”.  Perhaps something in there about his porter would have been a little bit out-of-place, but if you give it a try I think you can appreciate his style.


3 responses to “Yard Brewery’s George Washington Tavern Porter *****

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  2. So, I am looking for recipes for this and the other two in the Ales of the Revolution group, so that my nephew can try to brew them at home. Any help or ideas?

    • Hello – Your nephew has great taste! From what I have read, there does not appear to an exact recipe, but more or less a list of ingredients. However, there are a number of forums where he could do research or post a thread to find out if anyone else has been able to narrow it down. I checked with a home brewer friend of mine who recommended these sites to chase up ideas and seek out other home brewers who might be able to help:

      1) The Brewing Network
      2) Home Brew Talk

      I hope that helps, and I would think that people on those sights would be of help! Happy searching!

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