The drinker himself.

The city where I laid my head down.

The city where I laid my head down.

The premise here is that I drink beer; I like beer; and I want to learn more about beer. So, I decided to start recording my findings and musings along with my own pictures, and figured hell someone might get a kick out of it. Thus, a blog.

I live and work in London (Philly born and bred though), am a member of CAMRA, and have been known to lead drinking tours in this great city while peppering my friends with useless knowledge.

With a pint at the Ye Olde Mitre

With a pint at the Ye Olde Mitre

Funny bit about writing a beer blog, well there are few things, but one thing is that it has pushed me to develop a better sense of taste all around – whether it be with wine or food, I am noticing that I pay attention more and more.  The way I see it, its a short shot we have here, so hell if I am not going to do everything I can to live in the moment and enjoy it for all its worth.

So bottoms up, and cheers to something that matters.


8 responses to “The drinker himself.

  1. Hey Patrick, have you tried the George Inn in Borough High St SE1. It’s a really old pub and has a lot of character. Surprised it isn’t on your blog yet….

    • Thanks for the nod, and I dig the design and layout of yours. I will be checking out more posts as things look great and read really well. Cheers!

  2. good to meet you in the blue.. look for cornish stingers, the nettle beer. if you plan to visit cornwall for longer Henry’s campsite is in lizard village, near the lizard brewery.. it is small and friendly and cheap

    hope to see you back in the blue one day to try the braggart (it wont beat the stout!)

    • Hello! It was lovely stopping into the Blue Anchor on Saturday, and thanks to you, John and Roger for the welcome and conversation. I hope that your son sorts out his visa issue, good luck to him because the US is not the easiest place to gain access to! Maybe looking outside of Atlanta could be a start… I hear Philadelphia is lovely this time of year! Next time in, please say thanks again to Bill for the impromptu brewery tour, not everyday you get to see the workings of a 600 year old microbrewery.

      I did not see the Cornish Stinger beer, but I will keep my eye out for it the next round. As soon as we left the Blue Anchor, it was decided we would be coming back soon. Hopefully the next time you guys will be in town as well.


    • Thanks! Some day we should organise a pub crawl in Rome. I am pretty sure that would be one of the best events I could imagine.

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